Hamid Razavi, Ph.D

Founder & CEO of Paragon Medical Management

Hamid Reza Razavi is a distinguished Iranian-American figure who arrived in the United States in 1979 to pursue his dreams and educational goals in a free society. His remarkable journey in the realm of healthcare management began with his passionate belief in the goals and mission of a center dedicated to serving the mentally challenged, where he embarked on his career after graduating. Dr. Razavi’s commitment to public service and community welfare further led him to positions of influence, including roles in the City of Houston’s Affirmative Action Division within the Mayor’s office and the city’s Department of Housing and Community Development.

Since 1994, Hamid Razavi has held the distinguished position of President at Paragon Medical Management. Under his visionary leadership, Paragon Medical Management has flourished, providing invaluable administrative and consulting services to a wide spectrum of healthcare facilities. Beyond his professional success, Dr. Razavi’s philanthropic endeavors span both local and national initiatives, further solidifying his reputation as an expert in the field of medical management and a compassionate advocate for the betterment of society.